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location: wervershoof, the netherlands
client: Fam. Boos
year: 2015
status: built (final finishing pending)
program: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom
gross floor area: 108 m2
photography: FBX

A middle aged couple desired to expand and prepare their newly bought home for the future. This is done by altering the current configuration of the ground floor, adding a new living room on the rear side of the house and transform the garage into an ensuite bedroom. Both new rooms are unified in one rear facade, together with a bamboo cladded garden closet.

A 5,5 meter wide glazed floor-to-ceiling window, which is integrated in the floor and the white embrasure, is fitted in the living room to optimally enjoy the 50 meter deep garden. The black sinc cladded extension, meets the existing house by a glazed corner. Due to the deep embrasure, and by creating a closed facade on the south-west corner of the extension, overheating is prevented and makes it possible to integrate the rainwater drainage and the sun screen into the facade and a storage closet on the inside.



rear facade


connecting new to existing

living room

rear elevation