dining room

location: wervershoof, the netherlands
client: fam. boos
year: 2019
status: unbuilt
program: dining room, playroom, bedrooms, bathroom and garden
gross floor area: 70 m2

In between the main house and a former agricultural shed exists an underused garden space. Since moving into the house, the family of 4 haven’t been using this space due to the lack of connection with the living space and kitchen. Therefore, and due to its unpleasant atmosphere, they yielded every summer to the back end of their lot. In order to link this space with the house and to gain more living space they desired a complete overhaul of the back end of their home.

The existent condition of this back end is a storage room and a bathroom that was later added tot the original structure of the house. Although the storage room had no value, the bathroom proved to have a solid foundation that could be utilized in the new design. A second parameter was the wish from both the family as the neighbours to erect a new perimeter wall between the two lots.

To achieve a solid connection between the (new) house and the garden a surface was proposed that covers the entire space from the original rear facade of the house and the shed. On this surface several one-storey heigh, white concrete bricked, walls were strategically placed to create a patio space. At the position of the former bathroom walls were positioned to create a new storage room. Behind this room a playroom was created by placing a wall perpindicular to the house. To hide the toys (read: chaos) left by the children a sliding wall was designed integrated with new closet space. In turn this playroom is connected with the new dining room that would be the extention of the existing living space of the house. This new extension is defined by a new perimer wall that spanned, like the floor, from the rear facade of the main house until the shed. A wall that would be experienced both inside as outside. In between these walls big wooden windows and doors were positioned to create new visual connections with the new patio space.

On top of the walls a new with undulated metal cladded volume is placed which adheres to the form of the roof of the existing house. Therefore, together with the strategically placed walls below, the new addition forms a seamless extention of the house structure, albeit with a clear distinction between existent and new. The interior of this elevated volume consist completely of wood which would also be experienced underneath in the dining and play room, creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere on both the ground floor as on the first floor in the new bedrooms. To break the strict form of the bedroom volume on top a generous round window was placed in the new rear facade, contrasting the strict orthogonal lines of the ground floor.

oblique elevation




longitudinal section

longitudinal section

cross section

rear section

right elevation

left elevation