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The office is bi-lingual and operates both in Dutch and English laguage. Therefore contacting us in either language is possbile.

Ons bureau is twee-talig en opereert in zowel de Nederlandse als Engelse taal. Contact opnemen in beide talen is daarom geen enkel probleem.


FBX, founded in 2014, is a Rotterdam-based agency whose work refuses to be limited by the perimeters of the traditional domain of architecture. Our agency rather focuses on the opportunities and idiosyncrasies that each project brings. Aiming to reduce the complexness of each project to a simple and honest design solution. The firm liberates itself from both traditions and trends, and instead researches both ancient as modern forms and spaces in order to create relevant and timeless architecture. Furthermore, FBX intends to transgress the boundaries of architecture, converging in the realms of urbanism, landscape architecture and interior design. Creating designs that are highly interlaced on different scales of use.

Besides an interwoven design, our agency strives for an integral design process wherein every external design and construction discipline is incorporated in the early stages of the design operation. Due to this process each project acquires its own integrity and identity. Besides an efficient and beneficial process FBX is consistently researching different approaches regarding construction techniques and application of materials. Therefore, never obtaining a dogmatic approach and constantly creating new and distinctive projects.

For a fully non-committal dialogue or advice concerning your next project, initiative or renovation, feel free to contact us without any obligations.